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One of the most popular things that children love to have access to at either a carnival, or their birthday party, is fairy floss. Also known as cotton candy in the states, in Australia, fairy floss is extremely popular as well.

You have probably seen children walking by with this spun sugar treat, happily gobbling up the fluffy sugary goodness that so many kids love today. In this article, we will show you how to find a company that will rent a fairy floss machine to you for an up-and-coming birthday party for your little one.


What is Fairy Floss?

Fairy floss is a type of candy that is created and produced by a specific type of machine. It is known as candy floss in the UK and New Zealand, but if you are from Australia, fairy floss is the name you will hear. It is comprised mostly of air, and it only takes a small amount of sugar to create the fluffy treat itself. There is only about 1 ounce of sugar on a regular sized fairy floss that you see at a circus or a carnival, and the unique colours that may come in are the result of food colouring.

Although this was first developed in Europe back in the 1700s, at a time where creating this spun sugar was all done by hand, machines now create the cotton candy as a result of William Morrison, a dentist that created the very first fairy floss sold in boxes in the early 1900s.

How is Fairy Floss Made?

The machine itself is very simple. It has a spinning head where a small area has granulated sugar inside. If the fairy floss is to be coloured, there is a separate component where the food colouring is placed.

There are heaters which will surround this area that melt the sugar and through what is called centrifugal force, the melted sugar is forced out of tiny holes.

It has a very crystalline structure when you eat it which is because the molten sugar actually will solidify the moment that it hits the air as it exits the spinning head apparatus. It wasn’t until the early 1970s, however, that the very first fully automated fairy floss machine was created. It is now a favourite for those that go to carnivals, and for small children celebrating their birthdays.

Hiring a Fairy Floss Machine Company

There are many companies in Australia that rent a fairy floss machine. It really depends upon the company that you are contacting, and the size of the machine itself, with regard to the final price you will pay.

Some of them actually will send an operator with the machine so that you can focus on your child’s birthday party as this professional creates the fairy floss for the children. They charge a nominal hourly rate for both the fairy floss machine and the operator that will create the cotton candy.

Different Packages and Prices

The prices that you will pay will be dependent upon how many fairy floss sticks are actually created. If you rent one machine that serves 50 people, it will be between $100 and $150.

From that price point, it actually becomes less expensive per fairy floss stick, and you can also add more flavours and colours to the mix. You can actually serve up to 400 fairy floss sticks during a single party for less than $300.

To find the best prices, you will have to contact different companies that offer these machines, and compare the prices that they offer. Also ask about an individual that can run the machine for you and the total package price from each company.

There is no better way to excite a small child than to tell them that they are going to have a fairy floss machine at their party. By doing a little bit of research, you will be able to find a company that will not only be affordable, but will provide you with the exact machine and package that you need to make your party a success. Although children could, as a result of eating fairy floss all day, end up with cavities at some point in time, it is something that every child should experience at least one time in their lives: The magic of fairy floss machines.

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