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If you are thinking of throwing a fund-raiser or event for your church, school or organization, you cannot go wrong with carnival rides hire!

Planning a big and impressive event can be very challenging these days. There are so many fun and exciting things to see and do today that people have become rather jaded. With everything from bouncy houses to water slides available to brighten a party or fund raising event, it is becoming really hard to impress! One choice that is sure to dazzle one and all is carnival rides. These days, full-sized rides and attractions can be rented quite affordably, and they are sure to make your event or party a big success.


Safe and thrilling carnival rides are owned, maintained, assembled and operated by professionals

The key to getting safe, enjoyable carnival rides is to seek out a truly professional company that takes care of everything. The company you choose should own, maintain, assemble and operate all the equipment for you. They should also back it up with ample insurance.

When you hire a solid, professional company, you can be sure of a safe, enjoyable event. For this reason, it pays to do good research on any company you are considering engaging.

Visit some of their events to get a feel for how the company operates:

  • Check the rides to be sure they are safe, clean and well-maintained
  • Be certain the operators are neat, clean, professional and polite
  • Check to be sure that employees are bonded and have undergone thorough background checks

Can a very small business or organization afford to rent full sized carnival rides?

Although carnival rides may cost a bit more to hire than some other forms of party and event entertainment, your possibility for return on your investment (ROI) is also greater. Carnival rides aren’t cheap to buy, and neither is upkeep or transportation for these rides. For this reason, the company that owns, maintains and operates them must make up their own cost, and this adds up to higher rental prices.

Nonetheless, you get what you pay for. With well-maintained, professionally operated, full-sized carnival rides, you are getting a fully insured, safe, thrilling, major draw for your event. Your sales in ride tickets should more than make up for your outlay of cash and bring in a tidy profit for your fund raising event.

What rides are available for rental?

With enough money, you can rent almost any carnival ride in existence. You can rent any size of

  • Ferris wheel
  • All kinds of fun houses,
  • Merry-go-rounds,
  • Tilt-a-whirls,
  • Giant slides,
  • Trackless trains,
  • Rock climbing walls,
  • Flying swings,
  • Mechanical bulls

In fact, you can rent just about any ride you can imagine. Costs for kiddie rides generally begin at about $500.

The town will be a-buzz about your spectacular carnival event!

Once you have had one successful and exciting carnival event, your town will be primed for more. You can make your organization’s carnival an annual or seasonal event depending upon how often and how much fund-raising you wish to do. Today effective fund raising has become increasingly challenging, but when you present an impressive event such as a carnival, you are sure to experience immediate and long term success.

Your only initial limits are your budget and the space you have for setup. Be sure to have a very clear idea of both of these considerations when you talk over your choices with your rental company professional. Also, think about how often you want to stage a carnival. A successful first carnival may well lead to more. It may not be unreasonable to think of staging a carnival each season to celebrate the coming of spring, the lazy days of summer, the crisp festive days of autumn and the entire holiday season. You may begin thinking small, but keep in mind that greater things may come of your humble beginnings.

Who will be most interested in a carnival event?

You can target any demographic with your event. For example, if your event benefits people with disabilities, you might specifically choose very accessible rides. This will bring in a larger crowd of families with members who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices. Additionally, this sort of focus might draw families with small children as being a safer and more accessible event.

If your event benefits senior citizens, you might specifically select old-fashioned, nostalgic, rather sedate rides that seniors can enjoy with their grown children and/or their grandchildren. When you stage your own carnival, you can make it very personalized and closely themed to suit your audience.

The good reputation of your fine organization will lend an air of trust to your event

One thing that your organization can lend to a carnival event is a sense of safety. If your club, school or church has a good reputation and high standing in the community, people who do not ordinarily go to carnivals for fear of unsafe rides, pick-pockets and other hazards may decide to make an exception because they trust the host. By offering a privately sponsored carnival to benefit your organization, you are also offering a unique service to your community. Folks who do not ordinarily attend carnivals are sure to the thrilled to visit your private, safe carnival.

The sky is the limit!

While putting on a carnival may have been the furthest thing from your mind when you began exploring ideas for fund raising or putting on a fabulous party, we hope that the many pros presented here have convinced you that a professional, yet personal carnival is really the best type of event to present to your community.

When you take the bold and daring step of putting on a truly big and impressive event, you can make a splash within your community and your surrounding area. A carnival will draw the attention of people who may previously never have heard of you or your cause. Not only is a carnival an excellent fund raiser, it is also good advertisement that can help catapult your organization and your cause to success.

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