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Laughing Clowns

By far the family favourite Carnival Game, the Laughing Clowns are the perfect sideshow alley attraction for your next event. This game is a game of skill which requires perfect timing and concentration as you feed the balls into the clown’s mouth and attempt to get a prize winning score whilst the clown head is rotating side to side!


Roll Down

Another family skill tester favourite try your luck with five balls to roll down into the numbered slots. When all five balls have been played, the score of all the balls is added up and if the total score is 5 or 30 the player wins a major prize, other winning numbers are displayed on the boards and every player wins a prize. The player is not allowed to throw the balls or reach down the alley beyond the line marked on the box, they must just let the ball roll down the ramp.

Balloon Bust

Balloon Darts

This one can’t be missed for that perfect side show alley at your next fair its as easy as 1, 2, 3, Pop any balloon and you take home a prize get the big prize number and you have pick of the stand and walk away another lucky winner.


Catch A Duck

Roll Up Roll Up Come All this one is pure easy luck pick the duck with the lucky number for the pick of the stand and walk away with that big plush teddy there is many winner winner chicken dinners with this one.



Slam Dunk Basketball

Come on guys this is a skill tester but by far the easiest to win that favourite girl or child that big fluffy toy to take home. All it takes is one in to win get all 3 in and you get the pick of the stand to take.


Show and Glow

No side show alley visit is complete without purchasing from the range of LED products, show toys, novelties and many more. Make your fair or festival have that Ekka feeling with these latest crazes that everyone will love.



This modern van is filled with all the latest character show bags, Cadbury chocolate lines and many more. With over 30 different bags to choose from at very affordable prices, you will certainly walk away with your favourite bag.


Face Painting

Get into the festival spirit and get your face painted with the latest designs. Many to choose from, something for everyone and the choice of a full face, half face or some deco designs.

Glitter Tattoos2

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are the coolest way to celebrate your school fete, party or other event. It is also a great addition to add if your event is also having a Face Painter, a Clown or a Balloon Twister. Not all glitter is gold. Sometimes it comes in blue, red, lilac, green and pink. Turn ordinary days, parties, fetes and events into a sparkling, shimmering bash with Glitter Tattoos. With 100 designs to choose from, these tattoos are suitable for any event. Let one of our trained staff members come along and set up for your event and let all these colours come alive on your body.

Wheel of Fortune

This is that something new. This is a great way to really show off those prizes. Just push the button and where the lights land is your bounty, great for that special promotion.


Cash Grab Machine

Attention Attention The Cash Grab is see through and a powerful fan located below forces huge amounts of air to swirl all that wanted cash and prizes around inside. A great promotional tool to grab everyones attention.


Flippin Chickens

The Newest addition to our Sideshow Alley and the coolest! Place your chicken on the launcher and smash the lever with the mallet to shoot your chicken into the Pot, the only trick is getting the perfect timing, as the pots turn on the revolving table.


Soccer Show Down

Have you got soccer skills?? This is the game for you? Its as easy as kicking the Soccer ball through one of the holes for an instant win, Not a Soccer fan? not to worry, this game is for anyone who has good aim and wants to show off to their friends.


Shooting Gallery

Balloon Bust