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There’s nothing like the carnival. Its colorful lights and the excitement and bustle of the crowds never fail to get the adrenaline pumping, no matter what your age.

The mere sight of a carousel or a Ferris wheel can call up fond memories of a special childhood occasion. They are memories we would like our children to enjoy also.

Kaydee Promotions knows this. As a provider of a magnificent variety of amusement rides designed for all ages, they know the impact their amusement rides have on kids of all ages.

Whether it’s for a school carnival, a fete, festival or to attract shoppers to a grand opening, Kaydee has just the thing to make it a success. Something as small as a birthday party or as big as a holiday celebration stands to benefit from the addition of colorful rides that tickle the tummy and all five senses.

What Kind of Amusement Rides Are Available?

Kaydee has a large selection of rides especially designed to bring delight to any child’s heart.

A train, for instance. Everybody loves a train, even if it takes them nowhere.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

While on that journey, your child has the opportunity to watch the crowds: children with sticks of fairy floss, children with sparkling eyes as they wait in line for their turn on the train, the lights, the music and the food.

From the vantage point of that train that goes nowhere your child is building a memory.

Do you remember the fun of Dodgem cars?

It’s the one time in your life when it’s okay to be careless, to aim for that other car, give them a good bump, and send them spinning across the floor, with no reprimands from Mom or Dad!

But watch out; you may be the next target!

Dodgem cars have always been one of the most popular amusement rides. Another favorite ride is the Giant Slide. You see people of all ages, shapes and sizes plummeting down those slides with a smile on their faces.

Kids love to be scared. Kaydee has that covered also.

That Inflatable worm may look harmless enough from the outside, but inside it’s a dark maze with fearsome surprises around every corner. There are Carousels and Helicopter rides, and even a Mechanical Bull. All of these and more are available for rental through Kaydee Promotions.

Make your next private party something that will be remembered for years to come by adding a few amusements ride. You’ll see us at school carnivals. If the company you work for hosts an annual employee picnic, why not suggest to management that they incorporate a few amusement rides this year?

There’s the ever-popular Jumping Castle. You’ll always know where your kids are if there’s a Jumping Castle around!

For the older “kids,” what can beat the challenge of a Mechanical Bull? It’s guaranteed to bring a lot of laughs to the event.

Does Kaydee Promotions provide other products or services?

Kaydee is there to provide for all your entertainment needs whether for a large or small event. This includes portable stages, a P.A. system, a variety of decorations and even refreshments.

Any event is going to require seating and tables, as well as tenting to house special exhibits or to use as a food tent. Even Port-a-Potties are available.

Amusement rides for kids and adults alike promise good fun and plenty of amusement, whatever the occasion.

Take a look at what they have to offer at They have a way of creating community fun and interaction while breaking the ice and bringing out the kid in all of us.

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